Why is it good to roast a country in Hefei

said that there is a good barbecue in Hefei to join the brand, small series of life in Hefei for you to recommend baking on the national paper barbecue. Of course, do not come up with a little dry goods can not convince you, please look at the following brief introduction to the grilled country paper on the grill.

roast country · paper barbecue has a professional, effective R & D team, and constantly develop new products to meet the market demand for new products, to ensure that the brand grab ahead of competitors in gold.

1. ·: perfect logistics; accurate and timely to ensure the normal operation of the investors "baked in stores, · paper barbecue" headquarters will be through the improvement of the logistics system, safe, accurate and fast to a full set of equipment and supplies business timely delivery of shopkeepers hands.

2. business · flexible mode: in order to avoid the risk of investors, "the paper baked · a barbecue system return and risk of exit mechanism, poor management can according to the actual situation, refer to the relevant policy, agreed to exit the business to avoid the risk.

3. media · advertising promotion: headquarters will be widely publicized in CCTV, the local TV, magazines, newspapers, Internet and other media, the huge advertising strategies aimed at improving the "roast country · paper barbecue" brand awareness and influence power, help investors attract popularity, improve sales performance.

4. · professional equipment; free training: "baked country · using the method of paper barbecue with professional lecturers product production process, production process, nutrition formula and brand equipment, to enable investors to enjoy the free learning system, easy operation, the headquarters training field control. The latter will continue to provide free equipment technology upgrades and equipment maintenance services.

5. ·: protection and reasonable development; business strategy according to the market’s headquarters will implement regional protection policies strictly to the investors, set up shop, unified control area quantity, price system and policy, to ensure that the monopoly of investors in a certain area, to avoid vicious competition between the various stores, standardize the market environment, the investors can healthy development and lasting profit.

6. tracking management · sustainable development: from the shop to contract management, "the paper · grilled barbecue; headquarters will be full support, regular visits to the store, not for staff training, business communication, marketing training and supervision support regularly, timely follow up. The implementation of fixed, regular, periodic

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