What do customers need to erase

we are all customers, in the checkout time always like to allow businesses to erase a fraction, even if it is not really a counter-offer, or that this fraction is not much, but this situation is very common. So, in the sales process of the transaction, often meet customer requirements wipe a fraction, how do you deal with it?

this is a lot of clothing stores will encounter problems can not deal with the loss of a single sale because of a few dollars. Especially for customers to be more time, you may say: "I buy so much, you put the 3 dollars to wipe out a fraction of it, otherwise I would not buy." What should I do?

in view of this situation, there is such a deal with the occult, his words, the vast majority of customers will immediately pay 3 dollars: "now what can not be bought, so you just feel a little bit uncomfortable, but we every day financial reconciliation, so please forgive me, or to me!" Two words in front of the customer’s psychological analysis is very thorough, behind two words to win customers "sympathy", the effect is excellent.

do not say what I am working, you do not care about this a few dollars, and so on stand on their own point of view, and must stand in the customer’s point of view. If you just shopping guide, not the boss, do not give the leadership to make a phone call, a phone call will make customers feel that there is a chance, basically difficult.

loyal customers and the relationship between the shops are interdependent, the first counter-offer is a trial, second counter-offer is verified, after the third will no longer counter-offer. So, in the face of customer bargaining, how should we deal with it?

three specific ways to deal with the counter-offer:

1, also a single digit (1-9 yuan):

customer spending 603 yuan, requiring the removal of a fraction of the $3.

response: "3 dollars to buy what you think, you just erase this 3 yuan, the heart will feel very uncomfortable, but our financial audit every day, you don’t embarrass me, forgive me, or to me." As he said, he extended his hand to the customer

2, also ten digits (10-99 yuan):

customer spending 621 yuan, requiring the removal of a fraction of the $21.

response: "today, our store has not completed the goal, you buy this suit, we can reach the goal, you can help me."

3, also a hundred digits (100-999 yuan):


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