Ali entrepreneurial help Ma and his disciples fall in love

why Ali can invest in external entrepreneurs, but almost no support for the former employees of a business exploration

Ali’s former employees occupy the high ranking of China’s Internet industry.


Ali entrepreneurial help: Ma and his disciples fell in love with killing

drops journey founder Cheng Wei, founder of the same journey with Wu Zhixiang, sing CEO, dig wealth network founder, founder of, June…… Over the past 17 years, more than 60 thousand people from Ali’s former employees, scattered throughout the country. Some of them to join the venture, composed of Chinese Internet venture capital circle "Ali with a great reputation".

, a screw away, then in venture capital circles fast, so the story to the people of Ali in 2014 before and after the stimulation of Ali listed peak.

IT orange collected data show that as of now, from Ali venture project has reached 535, this data is nearly 2 times once known as the Internet sector of the Whampoa  Military Academy of NetEase, Sohu staff turnover number of entrepreneurial projects added. Among them, more than 300 entrepreneurial projects after 2014.

thanks to Ali, this group of people with the same values, similar style. Alibaba former employees, the ant country science and technology entrepreneur & founder Luo Wenjun in an interview with I; the dark horse will Ali on the impact attributed to three points: first, Ali was large enough, rich business, you have a chance to see all sorts of things, do all kinds of attempts; second enough decentralization, all things according to their own meaning to do it, but to be responsible for the results; third competition enough tragic, three or four months do not come out, it will destroy the. "In this environment to kill out of the people, there are a number of basic characteristics, judgment, execution, speed." Babe network founder Zhang Lianglun in an entrepreneur & I horse; interview when he expressed similar experiences and views.

so, the Bangdai Ali brand on the road, the act done also quite like Ali Ali why run away? What magic let them have some of the same attribute? From the same place, they also have the dispute what


entrepreneurship is left over and over again and again to leave the logic

employees consider a large number of shares sold in the hands and leave Ali, is about to start brewing in July 2013.

when the market began to rumors, the Alibaba group has hired as a listing sponsor, and to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing application. In September 11th of the same year, Ali group partner system exposure. After twists and turns, in March 16, 2014, Ali group announced the launch of the United States listed matters.

everything after the listing made public, quietly changed. For employees to leave, Ali is a psychological expectations. It said in the first edition of the prospectus that "it may be difficult for us to retain or encourage this."

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