The face of entrepreneurial legend need rational attitude

one after another the birth of a legend, so that people have endless fantasy for entrepreneurship, looking forward to become the next successful example. However, no success can be easily copied, in the face of the legend, need a correct attitude.

Always listen to the counter attack story

Feng is still wide entrepreneurial dreams started 3 years ago, it was real hard fan two a slap in the face: the preference of Internet project investors and investors from the traditional industry, do not agree with him to see drama snack idea; the night before his M.A., decided to terminate the production factory cooperation. After that, in the team, only slowly on the right track.

in dealing with pork, Chen was done after the resignation of civil servants, also sold the vegetables, sold the house, selling drinks, then have pig breeding, it can be said that his starting point is not low. As for the 2007 start pork stalls in Guangzhou to sell pork, but once again expand diversified industrial layout, "pig guy" is the outside world for a label he posted. What’s more, the real pig related industry accounted for only 1/10 of its assets, "not the equal relationship between man and pig" billions of dollars.

A, is an opportunity. Everyone can not exist independently of the community, the individual entrepreneurial entry point must be consistent with the overall situation of national economic development and social progress, must represent the direction of industrial development. Only fully understand and grasp the law of the ups and downs of the market cycle, innovation and entrepreneurship can win the opportunity to be able to stimulate the enthusiasm of the economic and social growth can be transformed into an effective driving force.