Learn six consumer psychology easy to stay customers

consumers are really stupid? It can’t be generalized. They sometimes silly, funny, sometimes fine one. Fool is the happiest people in the world, where there will be so many fools, but it is only a period of IQ sleep only, as to what time to sleep, it depends entirely on what the consumer psychology. So we invented all kinds of marketing, and the essence of marketing, and consumer psychological game. What are some of the most common psychological characteristics of consumers


1, a base cover 100 ugly

in this era, not only is the mobile phone, in fact any class of consumer resistance to the last line of defense is the price. Even, the mass consumer chooses the product by the price limit. Therefore, "a base cover 100 ugly" is the most basic principle. Because "a base cover 100 ugly", so ugly clothes would have to wear, and then unpalatable restaurants will have to eat, and then withered vegetables will have people to buy a home.

of course, keeping the cost within a reasonable range, but also to make the core value of the product at the core of the pain points. There is a prominent differentiation advantage, the other level is mediocre. If there is no prominent differentiation advantage, it is necessary to support the comprehensive performance of a variety of value. It is precisely because of this contradiction, "small package", "fast fashion", "small batch", "supply chain", "pre-sale" concept began to blossom everywhere.

in the absence of the Internet before thinking, Chinese less profitable health wine brand, by reducing the amount of price sell the wine is a wine. Because of the lower cost of experiential consumption, product sales up, consumer habits have produced, the right to speak of the manufacturers and the terminal has also increased, forming a virtuous circle. Millet behind the sense of participation, but also proud of the low price. So, when there is no market based product market, pricing factors are more important than the positioning strategy.

2, beautiful and very

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