Why do give up undergraduate education and choose the nternet business

for four years, graduating from high school for four years now, time flies, high school students have graduated from University, and a few days ago, a high school is university students chat with all kinds of work is not so easy, the university had nothing to learn like ah, I also feel happy. Perhaps no reason to comfort yuandaxuemeng. However, he thought four years ago, I still do not regret not admitted to the University, and this is why I give up and choose bachelor degree in Internet business.


when the college entrance examination scores down, hanging heart was put down, scores are fairly good, should be able to get undergraduate, I rejoiced, but because no experience to fill volunteer, I still failed to get the job, it is the first time I feel confused, don’t know what to do next put in front of me, only two road occupation school: read and repeat three, because do not want to increase the economic burden of the family, I chose the first road, no way, just have a friend to learn computer, on the night to go to the school computer, another reason is probably because I love on the Internet.

computer school learning career

application computer school, I want to learn a technology, there will be some days after the use of computer, college tuition is not low, more than 10 thousand a year, now think about it, if there are more than 10 thousand, estimates can be used with another large. Computer school period started some simple software, like PS, and two years of learning AI, DW and some basic knowledge of DIV+CSS codes, two years of studying after graduation, we recommend to the Shanghai practice school, want to come to the big Shanghai can display some ambitious, but internship position is sales, I do not love this occupation, but no way, no experience and qualifications I can only silently, sometimes I also want to spend some money, just go back to school in a college, and then to apply for civil service, but I give up, not afraid to fail the exam, is not difficult for me in, but the economic conditions are not sufficient conditions, I and several friends switched to another network company, the network company, finally use the computer, but do things and computer schools are not Related, but some people slowly teach, I have to admire the world of the Internet, far more than I can understand.


with the passage of time, most of my friends within half a year because of all sorts of reasons to leave, only me and another friend to leave, why I insist is because I want to learn more from the knowledge, leaving many friends to find a good job, advised me to, I can barely go along with. Because I know what I’m doing, in the eyes of friends, I am a grass root nothing, but I know, must know more than they do, because I think time is very precious, no need to show them what you will, when I’m on the germination of Internet entrepreneurial ideas. >

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