How to sell the most dangerous goods on the shelf

any one of the shops, if you can have a best-selling product, there will also be some products are not popular with consumers. In these unpopular products, if the customer is picked up and put down, in fact, this product is the most dangerous. But as long as we adopt the appropriate business strategy, these dangerous goods can also be sold. So how can the most dangerous goods on the shelves sell well?

shopping, there is such a scenario: the customer will be shopping malls in a piece of clothing, toys and try again, look and see, after some hesitation, and finally put the goods down. This kind of goods usually encounter many similar situations. Careful attention to the details of the business owners, will quickly put the goods under the shelf, to fill the new goods. But most of the time, new goods will suffer the same treatment.

of these goods, known as "the most dangerous goods shelves", because it caused a lose lose situation: consumers do not buy your favorite items, the boss can not generate profits through it, and is likely to cause stock piling.

this situation, whose fault? The first thing to be sure of is that it is not the fault of the goods. Flow out spring sewer, pull out the cloth VAT; these goods, just after the avalanche have scattered snow, a real mistake maker, is behind the "avalanche".

who is behind the black hand?

since the shelves of the most dangerous goods caused a double lose dilemma, then it is clear that the black hand from the physical stores and consumers.

, however, there is a saying that the customer is god. Whether consumers buy or not, he has spent a certain value: buy, spend money; do not buy, energy consumption. Therefore, the real behind the scenes, but in fact for the store unilaterally.

stores the first error, from the boss’s thinking.

Chinese people do business inertia thinking is to follow the crowd. For example, a gas station in a place, there will be the first hotel nearby, second restaurants…… When a Jewish man arrives at the gas station, he opens a supermarket, or a hotel, which is the most dangerous goods on the shelf".

this phenomenon is particularly evident in the city. For example, there are a few street in Chongqing, a street is a street may be all Hot pot, Chongqing small noodles on a street, mostly selling clothing, and to other types of buffer stores, is less and less.

with the idea of going with the flow, the most likely problem is the product homogeneity; the consequences of homogenization, is the product >

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