Management of small candy shop

small candy shop in some of the many "ambition" aspiring entrepreneurs heart perhaps are not what, so we work together to have a look at what is now the market needs of the store? Take a look at such a small shop is not how much wealth.

in its first month to make money

for entrepreneurs, the most difficult is to start the "ice age", in the first few months, mostly to lose some money, can do. Liu Yangxi said: "from the first month, we will make money." There are two reasons: first, the money is not too much candy store in Chongqing, the most prosperous commercial area of Shapingba, Monument for Liberation, Jiangbei, each district only about two. The candy consumption market is relatively large, newly married more than 80, the traditional Chaotianmen style candy and packaging has been unable to meet their aesthetic needs. Second, the opening time in late August, candy business survived the June to early August off-season.

their candy store opened in a square in Shapingba, the larger flow of people, but the shop transfer fee of up to 70 thousand yuan, most venture capital spent here. What other almost do not have to spend money, decoration of thousands of pieces of candy boxes by the manufacturers deliver goods, almost no accumulation of goods. Customers are optimistic about the box, under the good order, pay a deposit, they find manufacturers purchase, are now sold to buy. Candy, invitations and other supporting items are available in the wholesale market.

location about

the candy shop open in where? A senior practitioner gives the answer: the best in the business district near, but not into the district. The best is the street facade, big traffic, convenient parking.

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