Clothing store design and layout skills

opened a clothing store, clothing features are necessary, but how to attract consumers to the store is the focus. So the decoration and layout of the clothing store must be distinctive. Below, we introduce several clothing store design and layout stage can use skills.

color contrast should focus on choosing the representative, can show the trend or the theme of the clothing as a key display, and to clear the introduction of enterprise products to avoid the light factors change the original color of clothing. In the vision of an array of improper original styles of clothing to misinterpret focus, through the contrast of color, clothing quality property contrast or direct sunlight to strengthen the key, in addition, but also consider the customer’s sight, ergonomic design basis, using different props, accessories.

the rational use of space factors of T-shirts, shirts, skirts, scarves and other materials lighter clothing do wall display. Large space wall display strong plasticity, can be applied in thick paper, paper clips, lighting and folding skills make clothing produce three-dimensional, reasonable use of points, line and surface composition techniques of goods vividly displayed. The small space of the wall display goods should not be too much, leaving space and the use of color contrast highlights.

actually use the table design, display of almost all goods are suitable for the table, to choose the goods rack, hanger, display and display cabinet. The direction of the goods can be placed horizontally, do not change the main direction, the composition of the goods are neat and regular appearance, enhance the positive visual effects, how to use the platform display cabinets or display platform. You can also change the direction of the commodity, the pursuit of visual changes, such as the use of curved display or multi way display cabinets. The use of support to improve the height of the goods, so that the display table is more varied. Pay attention to the display of goods folding techniques, so neat and uniform.

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