6 tips to help you find business ideas

a lot of people are worried that they can not find a good entrepreneurial ideas, indeed, a good idea to get a business is not easy. Here are 6 tips from Stephen ·, Kim, and other experts to help you stimulate creative thinking and find business ideas:

1, ask yourself, what’s next?

2, starting from the problems that bother you

When the

3, looking for new market segments

your ideas need not be subversive products of these inventions. Stephen Kim said, "you need to do is to analyze your field in that what they are doing, what is the big giant, they ignore, then select the ignored blank market entry." For example, in 2003, he founded Hot , now headquartered in San Jose, California, Picks. He found in the guitar plectrum industry, collection of the novel can not a market, and just a few large Brand Company has not cut in this area. Stephen Kim designed a skull shape. Fill the gaps in the market, after the success in 1000 stores in the sale, including WAL-MART and 7-Eleven convenience stores. He pointed out that these giants have missed such a huge market opportunity."

4, use your skills in new areas

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