Zhuhai entrepreneurial college students give money to the instructor!

entrepreneurial wave struck, in order to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship, the need for policy, to give more support for college students. Therefore, in Zhuhai city college incubator business park in 2016 settled in the work of the project started in full swing, to give college students the money to give the instructor!

called for only 10 days, there are 57 entrepreneurial projects enrollment. In March 10th, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter from the Zhuhai municipal human resources and Employment Service Center was informed that the collection work of college students entrepreneurship incubator in Zhuhai city in 2016 assigned to the project started, the assembly work to implement the normalization acceptance, meet the conditions may apply at any time.

It is reported that the application of

, entrepreneurial projects involving many aspects, including agricultural science and technology, advertising design, second-hand goods exchange etc.. Zhuhai city human resources and employment service center responsible person, registration fiery, more than expected, the original plan in mid April to project experts, the entrepreneurial project for more, or will advance to the end of March the first batch of experts.

Park a total area of 5600 square meters, the park in September 2014 put into operation, the existing incubation venture projects in 63, covering the scientific and technological innovation, cultural creativity, e-commerce, Internet +  and other fields. Incubator has long been committed to the Zhuhai college students venture incubation services, has been successfully hatched 25 venture projects, docking financing up to $21 million.

the longest incubation period for two years