Pig eight quit network Zhu Mingyue live recruit apprentice, cited 181 thousand entrepreneurs online

live 90 minutes, the 181 thousand entrepreneurs watch. 7 last night, pig network founder and CEO Zhu Mingyue through the dark horse. & a live broadcast in the form of joint venture company for the whole teaching, public bidding acts, and share "how to do an Internet company slow".

"slow" rhythm of the rapid success of the law

if you want to fast, you must learn to slow. In reality, any company wants to be successful as soon as possible. Listed in order to become the industry leader. Twenty-first Century update fast, especially Internet Co, every three months is one of the times, however, at the beginning of the development that desperate competition has already quit the stage, and the pig network but through 10 years of hardships to become the industry leader. Zhu Mingyue said: in the start-up stage, pig network is not a good company. The money, only to melt to angel investment of 5 million; on the team, no one has entrepreneurial experience, including Zhu Mingyue’s 8 years as a journalist, a venture; on products, it is not very competitive". But is the veteran, in the initial stage of the daily goal is leading in the same industry, in just nine months in the volume of transactions has become the industry first.

innovation is the soul of an enterprise’s survival and development

in order to create high-quality platform, Zhu Mingyue introduced: "pig network 7 times after the Tengyun action, it is the company’s products, business model, organizational structure all reinvent the wheel, re dry again, only the domain name is not changed, the company’s name has not changed, everything changed." Although there is no effect to accomplish the whole task at one stroke ", but this is through product innovation, play a huge energy in the development of enterprises occupy the dominant position, beat the opponent. When developed to a certain stage, pig eight quit network encountered a bottleneck. As the helm of the company, Zhu Mingyue canceled the platform commission system, instead of using the Internet to get big data gains.

followed by the establishment of the eight quit intellectual property, eight quit finance, eight quit project, etc., this one of the drilling platform to bring a large amount of income. Zhu Mingyue said: "only one year, eight of intellectual property rights has become the leading domestic trademark registration agency, until now, every day in the State Trademark Office trademark registration amount equivalent to two of the total province Chinese, only from the well out of the revenue, far more than the past zhubajie.com Commission income." Therefore, product innovation and business model disruptive innovation makes pig eight quit ahead of the industry.

drive the value of enterprise development wheel

the next ten years will be the lightning of the expansion of the past ten years, the last ten years of slow development, and the next ten years will be the expansion of lightning. Zhu Mingyue to friends, to share a few sets of data, the number of employees from the past more than and 500 to the current more than 3 thousand and 200 people; service projects from the past to the main design category now has eight main

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