Baotou held 2015 innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals

innovation and science and technology is closely related to the development of science and technology in the world over the past twenty years to speed up the level of science and technology to bring changes to people’s lives at the same time, but also create a lot of economic benefits. Grasp the science and Technology entrepreneurial projects, better able to seize the opportunity to meet the challenge.

"Chong Kai future" international youth entrepreneurship contest by the Zhongguancun Haidian science and Technology Park and university science and Technology Park Co sponsored a hot industry, each season focusing field, focus on innovation theme, depth of mining personnel and project support, industry innovation and development.

it is understood that the Baotou branch based in Baotou, for the whole of Inner Mongolia, which lasted for 1 months of the project were recruited, hundreds of projects by investors and online registration, expert review, 36 entrepreneurial projects selected for. After fierce competition this month 16 contest, a total of 10 projects in Baotou finals. The top 6 will be today’s final selection of the division in Baotou, bonus certificate and trophy (which is one first prize 30 thousand yuan, two prize two were 10 thousand yuan, third-prize three respectively 5 thousand yuan), one of the top 3 (the first prize and the two prize) will lead to "a start in the future" the 2015 International Youth Science and technology entrepreneurship contest world finals will be held November 16-20 in Beijing to accept the senior tutor incubation counseling, and each division (Beijing, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Jinhua, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley and Boston Foreign Elite) held in Huashan, for the award.

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