What about the car wash

has now become a tool for travel to countless families, but one thing as everyone knows, once you have a car, cost naturally bigger, especially under the background of the current environment is so bad, the car also has become many owners feel something troubling. In this context, the car wash business was developed. So, what about the prospect of a car wash? Let Xiaobian to you.

is now a car wash service has become quite a stylish business projects, but also the trend is becoming more and more intense, and even many investors have played a dollar car wash service.

so what is the future of the car wash market prospects


support door wash Square: home washing is still a strong vitality

traditional car wash a lot of extra cost to the owner, most owners usually work no time to wash the car, car wash and weekend time to long queues, home wash mode is very good for the owners to solve these problems. For the owners to provide great convenience, but also in the car wash really for the owners to save time, effort, save money, worry, car wash market prospects.

for car wash car paint on the issue of wear, Qie Jianjun, chairman of the car wash, said the need for specific analysis of specific issues, so as to objectively evaluate. He believes that most of the body of the vehicle is relatively clean, only a small part of the mud more dust, the need for greater water flushing. For different vehicles, car wash car Union in accordance with the body of the dust situation of water regulation, to ensure that the body wash clean.

addition, cleft army believes that wear paint will be affected by many factors, not only the home wash mode will wear paint, while the traditional car washing or computer washing mode for the car paint has no effect? Of course, there are problems with the car wash mode, but as long as the general direction is good, a lot of problems can be solved and improved in the development process.

cleft army said home wash profit is not difficult. The car wash itself is a user needs to spend money project, now just converted into a more convenient way, the user is willing to spend money. "We can live alone by washing the car." He said.

on the cost side, Qie Jianjun believes that the new mode of starting is the need to invest, but also must admit is that increases in the amount of users under the condition that the average home wash cost certainly lower than the traditional car wash. "Early will" burn "place, but the car is a very high frequency of use of the project, once the" money burning "train the user’s habits, transforming it into long-term subscribers, this" burn "is a kind of benign" burn "

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