One of the key factors of enterprise success

With the continuous expansion of the market, we can see the importance of the brand has become increasingly prominent, the importance of the brand has become increasingly prominent, there is no doubt that the brand is one of the key factors for the success of the enterprise or not,

. So, what is the impact of the brand on the success or failure of the enterprise? May wish to come together to understand.

why many enterprises through wars and turmoil, the stock market collapse, the recession is still standing? Why do they go out of the crisis and succeed? Is the enterprise management system is mature, is the enterprise fund is abundant, is the supreme leader crisis control ability is strong, or……? Different angles, there are different reasonable answers.

"each enterprise survival law is different, but there is also a unity, that is the brand." Liu is the answer to the depth of the dye, the brand is the gene of successful enterprises, throughout the organization, culture and business operations."

"lucky" to win

2002, in response to the company’s growth and establish EDS Chinese brand, EDS is closely involved in the restructuring of the company. Among them, a major adjustment in the fist is to set up a marketing department in the Asia Pacific region, good corporate branding and publicity. Because at that time, EDS Asia Pacific region has not been a complete marketing department, and even some of the most basic work, such as web pages, media databases, industry early warning system, crisis management system has not been established.

in one, or even a wave should Aveo staff successive failures, with Liu win.

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