90 entrepreneurs emerge start small meat together and don’t let the eyes bubble

in an interview with the author of Foshan Madnet business community, Guangzhou innovation Valley, was aware of a number of 80, 90 entrepreneurs get together out of small meat. And in stark contrast with this group of "entrepreneurship as early as possible" young people, a group of "30+" in the resurgence of entrepreneurs.

two years ago, Xiong Bin was a more than and 30 year old office worker. Seeing the youth entrepreneurship over a half, the heart is still surging, thinking of taking advantage of this wave of entrepreneurial tide as a last resort. Since then, a variety of large and small entrepreneurial exchanges are indispensable to his figure, and constantly to investors to sell their own entrepreneurial projects.

is different from the young entrepreneurs, I actually have a burden. I am now more than and 30 years old, fortunately, I just caught up with this entrepreneurial tide, I want to firmly grasp, to work harder than others." Multiple contacts, Xiong Bin had explained why so desperately venture reason.

Xiong Bin’s story is just a microcosm. From youth to middle age, the whole business seems to be a new economic normal now. Even some time ago also said real estate heavyweights pan company recently left 7 employees, 6 to Internet business.

in the entrepreneurial vitality of the people, while some people see its bubble". Kindleberger, "the new Palgrave Dictionary of money and finance" write "bubble (Bubble)" so described: "a word or a series of assets in a continuous process suddenly increases, the prices will start to rise of the expected price, and to attract new buyers, these people generally only want to seek profits through the sale and use of these assets and their ability to generate profits are not interested in." When asset prices deviate from the value, inevitably created a bubble.

angel will grassroots founding president Chen Weiwei spoke to the author of an Internet speculation and bubbles and the story of "yesterday I saw a project to raise the public Internet, founder of a man who spent thousands of dollars to the cost of a few websites, packaging is not the professional partner, and then go on to another platform to raise public. Sell 10% of the shares, the result is easy to raise the public to $1 million. Now a lot of entrepreneurs, their products and the team has not yet set up, take the financing, the result is really easy to find people to invest." The Internet entrepreneurs behind speculation, investors can not do without the huge profit margins from the seed to the A round, B round of the relay process, which also virtually contributed to the high valuation of the market.

15 years ago, the Internet crisis, the end of a passionate and irrational era, and two years later the crisis has affected the industry chain of manufacturing industry and telecommunication operation business, the information and communication industry entered a hitherto unknown winter, people also pay a heavy price for their enthusiastic and naive. Up to now, 15 years have passed. And for this generation of entrepreneurs, the Internet bubble seems a little far away, as if it never happened.

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