Venture reminder what to do before the florist

people who want to open a flower shop, do not rush to open a shop, shop before the preparatory work must be done, what tools are ready. Here’s a look at the small and make up.

lock: pet shop general is prohibited to pets, pets out of reach for the convenience of customers, we can design a row in front of the door knocker, design a convenient lock ring at the door, a small animal can be locked in the door, the door to rest assured.

poster cards in the special days for advertising board made of POP, while the wedding can act as a cue card.

shelf: when the customer when waiting for the employee making flowers, can be used to browse the leisure books use

play pricking machine: a absolute high-end professional florist, absolutely, the use of modern work machine, in addition to repair and other floral leaf thorn.

: a fresh cabinet can do flowers of storage, or for the flower flowers commodity preservation and display purposes, give customers the feeling is a full range of services

printer: the company to order or special emergency document printing

flower (flower counter): use

display of flowers

Huamen: store layout:

wedding ceremonyFlower diameter:

frame store layout, wedding

: wedding banquet balloon machine use, use.

nail gun:


Jianshan: store layout, and flowers rental

water tray: store layout, flowers rental


cylinder into a container of flowers

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