Tianjin Ling Chi space entrepreneurs hope

once the "public space" these four words from our lives very far, but with more and more people to join the venture, the public space has created all over the land of china. In the eyes of many young entrepreneurs, the public space is a new starting point for the future career, where pregnant with their greatest hope.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is sweeping, as Tianjin’s largest Creative Park, Li Qizhuang street, Lingao Creative Industrial Park comprehensive implementation of innovation driven development strategy, give full play to the Xiqing agglomeration of innovative resources and develop the advantages of open, to create a unique color space carrier – Ling Chi public record space, by creating a good environment, the establishment of the selection and elimination mechanism, the integration of graduation to raise public resources, greatly stimulate students’ power of innovation and entrepreneurship, attracted a large number of "abuse" agglomeration, forming a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

into Ling Chi space, all kinds of solid wood furniture, soft sofa, eyeful of green plants, bursts across the aroma of coffee…… So that the reporter mistakenly entered a warm place for leisure, quiet, simple yet determined, liberal arts. But with the quiet here is the first to start the eyes of college students in the eyes of the passion and the "brainstorming" burst out of the golden idea".

and this new company, here is a microcosm of the entrepreneurship of College students. Lingao creative industry park now consider a lot of recommendation

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