Market development but also clear differences between urban and rural areas

the concept of urban affluence, rural poverty, although there are still a lot of people, but with the development of the economy, this concept is really need to change. After all, with the continuous change of policy, the gap between urban and rural areas is getting smaller and smaller. Especially after the village road, incompetence is a luxury car, refrigerator, color TV, or small to fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., are no longer the city’s patent. So the city has more than one business marketing channels, which is the product to the countryside.

I thought that both the rural market, or the city market, as long as the reasonable price of sales is a truth, in a few "hit the wall" I suddenly realized that the original expansion of the market, urban and rural areas are.

next door home air conditioning is GREE

a rural customer commissioned me to help him buy an air conditioner, I asked the customer for product specifications, price requirements after the action. Although I do not quite understand the advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning, but the goods than the three became my most stupid purchase measures, so I began a careful comparison of the work. After a full day of market research, I chose the past two years sales far ahead of the United States, the air conditioning, because I believe that the public is the choice of superior quality endorsement.

when I told my clients, "he said in surprise," the air conditioner next door is GREE?" I am confused, "next door is the GREE brand air conditioning, and you have what……" "You know, the air conditioner in the next door has been used for four years, and there has never been any trouble." If the customer interrupted, said seriously.

results can be imagined, I had to put their own victories to overthrow. Not only wasted my precious time of the day, but also delayed the return time of customers, and even increase the cost of processing each other.


] the case analysis we can win. I was in violation of the principles of operation at least, so the customer spot exchange will also be not at all surprising. Although human beings have some similarities in the same individual, but there are still too many differences exist, including consumer habits, as well as brand trust.

did not appear to have lost the air conditioning, more than a thousand words advertising bombing. I believe in one, the fact is better than eloquence. For the people, the way we touch the air is relatively simple, it is impossible to have a targeted market comparison, only the use of the next door as a reference for their choice. After communicating with the customer, I understand the reasons for customer critical.

pack a flower, choose it all by

a few days ago, I went to the countryside to visit a small supermarket on the roadside. Expensive products do not matter, well-known

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