Holiday management should also pay attention to buy business opportunities

During the

festival for business, retail owners will pay attention to every business, but in addition to the traditional consumer facing these opportunities, but also there is a large group purchase business opportunities, but also need a lot of attention operators. In short, as a large and medium-sized retail customers, the company is a big buy orders, as long as the use of brains, seize the opportunity to catch up with how many small business you do.

mention buy matters, Dahua wholesale and retail department boss Xu Chuangao but the deepest feelings. He said that before the Spring Festival last year, because of the small number of stores and lost a large order. Originally, not far from his store because a company to open business collaboration, Wang has been responsible for the task of purchasing clerk came into his house, he will send a few boxes of pure water and seeds and other snacks in the past, due to the shortage of manpower, and this thing no profits, although the old relationship, Xu boss at the time do not hesitate to refuse, watching the boss Xu Bulibucai look, Wang no way had to hire a tricycle away these goods.

an oversight, the consequences are caused by Xu boss lost a big business. After the event, which is second days, the enterprises in the boss Xu supermarket across the purchase of nearly thirty thousand yuan of festive gifts distributed to participants, Xu boss not only lost the chance, since then, the company has been no to Xu boss here to buy goods. Therefore, the service is particularly important during holiday sales. In this business busy turning over the time of the day, accidentally, not only offend customers, you will lose a lot of business.

in Guilin supermarket interview, supermarket boss Chen Guilin told the author, to do a good job during the Spring Festival buy business. First of all, you have to take the initiative, also is to take the initiative to find out the market, "don’t procrastinate". Enterprise group purchase purchasing a large quantity, high grade, so gold is very attractive, many retail counterparts will care relationship, looking for opportunities to win the favor of investment and business, in this case, if you sit at home waiting for business to come to negotiate business opportunities, can sometimes be lost.

so, during the Spring Festival group purchase matters, not only to take the initiative, but also to implement as soon as possible; the second group purchase commodities have to be well targeted reserves, some retail customers because there is no suitable goods or inventory, group purchase prepared and lost sales opportunities, for some of the larger retail stores, if there is may the best organized group purchase group purchase goods, some to play this card for.

is another good enterprise group purchase service work, this is our most easily overlooked details, some retail businesses, in the enterprise before the purchase is a good way of saying no, once the business transaction, push out the matter. You know, if you want to continue to win the opportunity to buy, you have to do pre-sale, sale and after-sales service work, especially after sale service is good or bad, is the enterprise in the future can continue to work with you >

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