Ali moved to the old staff to take out the western breakfast takeaway business

for entrepreneurs, ahead of market investigation, to understand the investment market is very important, the takeaway O2O market is very popular, attracting many investors, entrepreneurs want to quickly do business friends may wish from the perspective of wealth as the breakthrough point.

The following is the oral

2014 Spring Festival, when you want to do something different in 2014, 35 years of age is not small actually did not mix executives. In other words, before deciding to make breakfast, we would also like to do fresh fruit and vegetable juice, drink a lot of fruit and vegetable juices and understand the situation in this category of industry, we did not start, this is a red sea.

from August to October operating for about 3 months, despite orders rose slowly in the meal, the feedback is also very good, but to October when we feel awkward and uncomfortable, but we still do find breakfast lunch and dinner, energy is obviously insufficient, lack of focus or not put down something, the main consideration is to to allow more people to experience the product to the end of October, after the US and the angel Bay students first exchange, after our team decided to discuss the position returning to April breakfast door-to-door service, western style, the beginning of the December goose breakfast will provide breakfast at WeChat public number reservation service, Amoy little will also continue to provide synchronization services.

Why do the door

look at the core group of our service is a quasi middle class, and first-tier cities, slightly more women than men, I summed up the crowd is spend their own money to buy a bunch of apple computer mobile phone TV people. This crowd is not happy is that TA is at least a mix of style + middle life, forced Gedoude naturally, but found the breakfast more embarrassed, busy at work get up late is normal, so TA asked can eat a good breakfast a little better? < / p>

on goose breakfast, we certainly want to do the recommended

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