How to join the success of money begets money (1)

everyone to join the investment, is to want to get rich quick, but the desire is often beautiful, lack of road is tortuous, don’t go to the sea, always feel like a piece of paper market, seems to be either painted everywhere any trace, profitable business, but once to join the sea, profound experience "investment to make it a hit over". How can we not capsize "?


the so-called franchise, is the franchisor will set their own intellectual property rights, such as trademark, patent, proprietary technology, in the form of the franchise contract awarded by the franchisor and the franchisee, according to the provisions of the contract, to engage in business activities in the business mode of franchise unified, and pay the corresponding fees to the franchisor’s business model. The franchisor is what we call the franchisee, and the franchisee is what we call the franchisee.

How to join the

in the choice to join the industry when it should be.

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