The underground space of the new center of the new building in Kunming

with the continuous development of the city, land resources have become increasingly scarce. However, today, the city of Kunming to break this limitation, to create a fully functional underground space system, specifically what kind of? With curiosity, and the following Xiaobian together to understand it!

today, the Kunming Municipal Planning Bureau publicity, Kunming, the new center of the new control of underground space detailed planning program. According to the location of underground space, the new center will be the witch Xiangjiaba underground transportation and municipal facilities, underground public services and ecological leisure supplement, become the underground space system of city public transportation, in key areas of public service, perfect leisure business in one of the.

the future, here is not only the underground commercial street, underground complex, and planning for the installation of 131744 underground parking spaces, to achieve 100% underground parking proportion, underground parking spaces 126234, 5509 underground parking spaces in public. In addition, also set up 2 underground bus station, 9 underground cultural educational facilities, 5 underground health facilities, public facilities, will create a "underground city" in Kunming, which is expected to become a model area of Kunming and the domestic comprehensive utilization of underground space, which opened the prelude to the Kunming underground space comprehensive development.

"two heart four point three axis three zone" development structure


of this planning is on the North South Road, west of Qingshui River – Jiancao River, South to Guangfu Road – Chang Hong Road, East KUNSHI Road, Choi Wan Road, the total land area of about 987 hectares. The plan will form the underground space development structure of "two hearts and four point three axes three zones".

"two hearts": combined with the rail transport station, the station, to build a number of rail lines and a variety of transport modes of transport interchange hub, forming the core of the 2 underground space.

four points: combined with the rail transit Music Square Station, Wu Xiangjiaba south station, to the north station, Chang Hong Road Station 4 rail transit station, the formation of the 4 sites along the underground space development node.

three axis: planning with line 8, North South and East West Express, formed along the tiger Avenue and Frestech tiger River 1 North-South development of underground space in the main axis of development. Planning with line 1, line 8, line 7, North South and East West Express, the development of underground space development to form a secondary axis along the Spring City Road and Guangfu Road 2.

"three areas": including the core area, key areas and general areas. Among them, the core area of the range of Guan Jing Lu rain dragon road – the road six road four road, the five latitude road – the enclosed area; key areas except for the core area of rail transit stations around the regional planning area; the other area except in the core area, the key development zone underground space, in principle, not recommended

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