Spicy hot shop location lot reference

many small entrepreneurs who want to make money with the food items, investment hot shop is very good. But how much do you know about the location of the store? Many novice have expressed their lack of experience, then hurry up with small series to learn about it.

1, a large business in and near the inside: the advantage is relatively easy to find, traffic is relatively large, large commercial super is a landmark building, it is easier to find and remember.

2, a snack street high traffic or pedestrian street, is this area people generally have to eat snacks idle preferences, easy to certain consumption and leisure consumption funds for non consumer goods even if necessary, this time not in your shop, but after the possibility of your shop eating snacks is still great, people have a curiosity, many would like to try other snacks taste very good, if you can grasp and conquer these people’s appetite they don’t become your long-term consumer: especially in the pedestrian street shop belongs entirely to the casual nature, to give customers a relaxed casual dining feeling, is simply a rest place, drinks is essential.

3, near and middle schools: the main customers shop is this kind of local students, the need to pay attention to the price is low, the ordinary consumer city standard is 5 yuan to eat, and the weight of box lunch price to close, you can join the food inside, after all, students’ consumption ability was mostly the price is too high is limited, they can not accept the long-term, we must consider the benefits of doing business for a long time business, has entered a long-term profit earning large quantities of gold each day. A simple example: you buy something to a store, the shop owner you earn 10 yuan, while the other stores in the same or similar products you earn only 1 yuan, compared to the price you can go to the first store consumption? Do business must learn empathy, if you can’t accept the words of others and how to accept? In addition to say that in school Attention should also be paid to rent a shop near the school every year, basically have about 3 months of manufacturers, students will not be what holiday shop business, while the rent and other expenses on the basis are the losses, if a store rent of 1000 yuan / month, if not what holiday business words on the loss in the hundred or so, and if you shop made a reputation for the holidays and will not produce the phenomenon of loss.

4, if the traditional Hot pot Malatang location will be considered in the night market, night market snack or near the popular business district, night market stalls rents are very low, and crowded, it is mainly to leisure women, as long as the choice of the appropriate position of a business is very easy to use, can be placed on the table 10 can operate, although the feeling is not normal to the roadside stalls, but many customers sometimes is directed at such a free and easy feeling to the consumer, the consumer can ordinary city (without drinks) control in 15-20 yuan near.

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