Tea shop in the autumn how to operate

the same store, but at different times, the operation of the product needs to be changed, so as to make the store more attractive, business can be more popular. And through the hot summer, we have ushered in the bright autumn, at this time, tea shop operators will think in this fall season has the highest profit. So, how to increase the operation of the autumn tea store surplus? We analyze from several points:

1, participate in health tea elements

autumn in the tea shop to increase the health of tea elements, big health health wind, will make the whole store’s merchandise items add a lot of color. For example, sweet tea of tea shop in red bean oat milk, tea / milk green immortality two characteristics of tea, play a role in health, valley of the stomach, spleen and milk tea mellow blend, both fashion and nutrition. Get a lot of customers like, a part of the customer to buy this kind of fixed elements of tea, in the course of the operation of the harvest of a part of the customer collective, the store business is more stable.

2, superb generalization method

many operators often fall into a vicious circle, that is desperately trying to promote their own products, into the trap can not extricate themselves, but it is difficult to promote the start. In this era of any industry needs to promote, many people want to have a superb art of promotion. Demand will continue to improve the best thought of as a gimmick, and then the business air plant. Engaged in promotional activities is a kind of method of tea shop promotion, promotion is still the main method, tracing the source, first of all to protect the old customers, establish a good relationship, followed by a good reputation to develop new customers, adhere to the protection of emotional connection, to regularly update commodity form.

3, upgrade decoration environment

in order to attract customers, with a good personality is to let people unable to part of the decoration. Now some tea brand stores are in the extended store tailor-made, some big tea shop store planning has reached 100 square meters, is divided into 2~3 layer, personalized decoration to the customers to feel comfortable. Continue to have the concept of personalized decoration store presentation, with a good atmosphere for the construction of a good decoration, so that customers feel at home.

operating tea shop to do data reference, will not easy loss, usually tea shop profit accounting accounting monthly, monthly profits add up to one year of profit, gross profit minus tea costs, labor costs, rent costs, hydropower pure profit. For a normal operation of milk tea shop, net profit should be about fifty percent. It means that a month sales in twenty thousand, profit is ten thousand yuan, but if the turnover as long as ten thousand words, that you may be a store, because the combined utilities, rent and compensation costs are about eight thousand, plus the raw material costs about four thousand, then you can lose.

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