Master these seven points, you can do poineering work while working

lead: verify your business concept + reasonable planning schedule + document all processes to find problems in advance + + + + investment planning staff hospitality as gold on financial volatility.


yes, you can do the work side of the business, and there are many advantages to do so. In addition to having a steady income and "free coffee", a steady, full – time job can help you gain experience and expand your professional network. Not only that, working in someone else’s company can help you see how to run a company, such as how to manage time and money, and how to deal with the relationship between customers and employees.

we found a number of successful entrepreneurs, they are on the side of a nine to five classes, while creating his own company, from their shared experience, may give you some inspiration.

first, first, verify your entrepreneurial concept

has a stable job, which means that when you have a business idea, you can do it in a real business environment. Shara Senderoff is co-founder and CEO of Career Sushi, an online job search platform that links young professionals and employers. Senderoff believes that it is most important to verify your entrepreneurial ideas and usually require input costs.

Senderoff was lucky because she had a good ex boss. Prior to working at a Hollywood film production company in 2011, the company agreed to invest in Senderoff and was willing to incubate its start-up within the company. But it is precisely because there is no need to start their own businesses, Senderoff in Career Sushi brand promotion, website design, platform details, such as the concept of verification spent a lot of time.

"I probably spent six weeks doing the above work," said Senderoff Career Sushi, the company is headquartered in Losangeles, with 15 thousand service employment agencies and 150 thousand job seekers, "in retrospect, I find that in six months some waste." Of course, ordinary startups can not be used for such a long time to do the work, because the longer the delay, the more you will burn. So for Senderoff, she learned the lesson is, when you just have a business framework, do not expect to do a Porsche immediately, to test your car can not open."

two, through the development of entrepreneurial goals, reasonable planning schedule

when you leave the job, your schedule may be very confusing. You’ll have to work hard on your budget, streamline your workforce, and prevent any mistakes in your work, track every task in the company’s schedule, etc..


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