How to ensure the safety of the tongue in Bazhong

although the people’s quality of life has been continuously improved, but the food safety problems, has been plagued by the broad masses of the people, our final illness may be caused because of food safety issues, like a chronic Dutch act, but unknown. Ensuring food safety is a very important task. So, how to ensure the safety of the tongue in Bazhong?

kitchen health? Food processing is standard? Today, many restaurants in Bazhong can be seen at a glance, thanks to the promotion of the bright kitchen stoves program. In 2016, Bazhong city will be "bright bright kitchen stove" included in the "ten practical livelihood projects, according to the plan, this year, Bazhong city will carry out the" bright bright kitchen stove "pilot in the various forms of catering enterprises, focusing on promoting the school canteen" Ming Liang kitchen stove ", as of now has completed 610 1350, the completion of the annual plan.

bright kitchen stove let people see clearly eat at ease

6 month 26 days, in the Pakistani city of Jiangbei Avenue, a Chinese restaurant, Zhang Biao people and friends point a "fried yellow", when eating, feeling too hot is hard to swallow, then let the boss to change. Between the kitchen and the hall is a bright glass wall, Zhang Biao saw the yellow disc boss fell in the swill bucket, then told the chef fried a re. This if for the past, maybe it will flush the cook yellow again, again to end up." Zhang Biao said.

kitchen is heavy, only a short while ago, no, but in 2015, Bazhong city launched a "bright bright kitchen stove" project, through the catering service enterprises to adopt a transparent glass window (or glass), video display, partition wall or window set visit etc., the key parts of food industry production and the link on display, so that consumers can know the real situation of the acceptance of services, implementation of sunshine operation. Many consumers have said after the actual experience, bright kitchen stoves, people see clearly, eat at ease.

included in the ten livelihood projects to ensure the safety of the tongue

as one of the first restaurants to install video "kitchen", last year a Hotel Baltimore spent several million yuan to install multiple video equipment, kitchen panoramic display, so that consumers eat more at ease. After a year of use, the store back more, and therefore benefit from business. According to statistics, Bazhong City, a total of 5619 food service companies, including 476 school canteens (including nurseries 56 canteens), a small rural village school kitchen 1116. At present, has completed the bright kitchen stoves, the construction of 610, of which food and beverage service enterprises in 456, the school cafeteria, 154.

this year, plans to build the city of Bazhong, Ming kitchen stoves " 1350, which has also been included in the Bazhong Municipal People’s livelihood project of the ten, &qu recommended "

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