How much does it cost to invest in a coffee shop

leisure time or work afternoon tea time, a cup of coffee, holding a book in hand, enjoy the leisure time of the beautiful and comfortable journey. It is not difficult to find that coffee has become a necessity in our daily life, and the market prospect is broad, attracting more and more investors. For investors, the most concerned about the problem is to join the money, how much money to join a coffee shop


to find a good location and reasonable rental stores, is a prerequisite to shop, and shop rents depends on you rented storefront location, in order to consider the cost control, the coffee shop location does not necessarily have to choose in lots of gold. But the traffic should be sufficient, can be near the office or shopping malls.

how to open a coffee shop less store decoration, on the one hand, the cost of renovation and store size of the store, there is a certain relationship between the selected decoration materials, general store is bigger, the decoration of the inputs of course is higher, the higher the grade of the decoration, investment funds are more and more, of course not because of cost control in shoddy materials.

join fee according to the size of the selected store area, join the type and join the brand to determine the amount of fees. What is the cost to join the coffee shop? The main coffee, drinks and dessert delivery service, the joining fee is relatively low, generally around more than 10 thousand, but for example, such as Starbucks coffee shop, jiamengfei is in the hundreds of thousands. So in their own funds can be accepted within the scope of their choice of franchise stores.

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