Zhongguancun international entrepreneurship Festival recently opened in Beijing

business has now become a government attaches great importance to the things around, at the same time, some entrepreneurial activities are also carried out like a raging fire in Beijing, Zhongguancun also recently held International Business Festival open up a fresh outlook.

8 25 days and 26 days, directed by the administrative committee of Zhongguancun, the government of Haidian District, while wanglian sponsored "Zhongguancun International Business Festival and the spectacular global innovation award"   held in Beijing Tsinghua School of Tsinghua University.

8 25 in the afternoon, at home and abroad to witness the top VC, the participation of the audience in the audience, the world’s top 21 players after fierce competition, and ultimately the birth of TOP5 and TOP10. TOP5, respectively, from the Israeli division of the DiaCardio, the Chinese division of the Ping++, the U.S. division of Datometry, the U.S. division of Brilent, as well as the Israeli division Wayerz. We will eventually win the exclusive for TOP5 provides a total of $1 million cash bonus, $500 thousand provides a total bonus of sixth to tenth. The joint venture, Zhongguancun wanglian Shengjing Yizhuang SDIC, Tsinghua holdings and other common components of the global innovation fund, promised to invest $25 million, and the linkage of many of the top investment institutions intention to invest $150 million. This has created a new record in the world of all kinds of innovation awards in the amount of the award, the amount of commitment to investment and investment in the joint venture. At the same time, the world’s top institutions participating in the world’s largest and most extensive coverage of the innovation contest.

it is reported that, while global innovation contest lasted for 8 months, in the United States, Europe, Israel, China Latin American division four, attracted 3000 of the world’s innovation enterprise competition, winning the top 21 players shortlisted for the finals, they were from intelligent hardware, Internet banking, O2O, big data, health care etc. popular in the field of outstanding entrepreneurs.

wanglian Shengjing chairman Peng Zhiqiang said at the opening ceremony, the spectacular global innovation award award is not a BAT, a tribute to Jobs, but has changed the world dreams of entrepreneurs.

spectacular global innovation award is committed to becoming a global innovation Chinese connector between the United States and Israel and Europe, Latin America and other global innovation heights "". Is the positioning connection capabilities and global innovation business top investor "Shengjing group’s spectacular wanglian Jiacheng fund widely, making the innovation competition won the participation of hundreds of the world’s top institutions.

wanglian combined control recommended Tsinghua Shengjing

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