The tutor mode makes the entrepreneurial experience from generation to generation

10 years ago, entrepreneurship or personal struggle to choose, and now the business has become a feast for all the people. China’s entrepreneurial boom is booming, and now the new customers can enjoy a richer business support than in the past.

"double" team, youth hit off groups can not be ignored. Some of them came from college, earned the first pot of gold to help students, but also some from rural areas, take the electricity supplier by express dare to spell the spirit of play a new world. There is a "two generation", who have a generation of grassroots spirit, bold and innovative ideas into, in the pursuit of "double" on the road to lead the way……

this one, all cannot do without the support of the Communist Youth league. As a bridge between the party and the youth, helping young entrepreneurs is one of the important tasks of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth league. The mentor, the public record space, business competition, business support, training and evaluation of initiatives to help the youth in the "double" on the road to encourage. Today, times will launch a series of reports on "double", all show strong initiatives, new achievements in helping my youth youth entrepreneurship innovation.

"Xiasha network

" was born in the school computer room

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