Ji’nan Lixia District to participate in the 2015 tour business venture Master invitation

want to succeed in business, in addition to their own strength, but also need a good environment for development. Ji’nan Lixia District by inviting entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurial experience and other measures to encourage entrepreneurial students fighting spirit and enthusiasm to create a good entrepreneurial atmosphere.

According to the

genuine sharing encourages entrepreneurial spirit

11 13, Lixia District People Club Bureau in Lixia District, Shandong University of Finance and economics university students entrepreneurship Park held in the district under the forum of entrepreneurship 2015. Shandong University, Shandong University of Finance and economics, Shandong Normal University, Shandong Jianzhu University, Lixia District, the streets of the pioneering work of the person in charge, Lixia District outstanding entrepreneurs, investors, Lixia District, shanghaicaida business park in Lixia District, entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial team representatives participate in the forum activities.

forum site, Jincheng Tongda law firm senior partner Zhang Lei, Qilu equity trading center assistant president Jiang Wei respectively from the "entrepreneurial companies how to share", "capital market" to boost innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneurial financial management guidelines; general manager of gold car service founder Ma Hongbo, Shandong village travel network founder Li Huabin and Beijing write a flick of Consulting Ltd. Wang Zhiyong as a new generation of successful start-up pioneer and the audience shared the hardships and harvest their business on the road, and the scene to raise questions of entrepreneurs in the face of business confusion proposed site answer, solve their initial problems, to help companies improve innovation business model.

directions to provide funds to support

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