Students willing to go small carpenter extraordinary entrepreneurial road

students now face greater employment pressure to a lot of people will choose to go into business at the time of graduation, one of the most of college students entrepreneurs succeed, let’s look at the students become small carpenter entrepreneurial experience.

see father in rural carpenter’s, he was determined not to follow in his footsteps. After graduating from college, he went out to war, swept the public toilet, to the restaurant to wash the bowl. Dramatically, he ended up working as a carpenter.

occasionally found in the furniture industry has tremendous opportunities. He decided to return home business, dedication, step by step to realize their dreams and glory, for three years, he was only 25 years old, the net worth of more than 4 thousand yuan. His name is Chen Zhihong.

removed employment when starting a small carpenter

in Ya Tan Zhen college business park, only 25 years old, Chen Zhihong is said to reporters said: "the most important is I have a heart not admit defeat."

2007 in July, just graduated from the University of Chen Zhihong alone Nanjing.

in hard work at the same time, he told the design of furniture production and business processes are full of interest, whether it is a worker, or department manager, he would love to ask, and they love to discuss the development of furniture industry. In 2008, he decided to return to his hometown.

to the beginning of Chen Zhihong to do a "Ya Tan Zhen Xi Mei Furniture Factory, founded in March 2009 formally registered" Wangjiang County Hei Mei Furniture Co. Ltd., and the company moved into the park in the local college students’ entrepreneurship.

2009 years in December, many people in the eyes of the puzzled, spent more than 4 yuan, invited Tsinghua University Professor, China’s top ten furniture planner Zhang Yilai company lectures and planning guidance. Professor Zhang Yi came to the company, jokingly said: you are my company in recent years, the history of lectures, the smallest company."

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