To successfully run the shop to master the four secrets

a lot of people want to shop, but the shop is not so easy to open, not bad but do not want to make money to lose money, so the operation of the shop in order to succeed, we must bear in mind the four business secrets. The whole network and Xiaobian a look together.

1 positioning, no loss:

(1), to determine the scope of sales: find the target groups within the scope of product sales.

(2), to determine the product characteristics: to sell their own products to identify the direction of. Need to clear the characteristics of the product include: A. what kind of product; B. product is what function; C. these features are there, suitable for what kind of people; D. products can bring to the target group.

(3), the delineation of target groups: narrow the scope of location, to further clarify the goals. Include: A. suitable for what kind of person, B. suitable for what age, C. suitable for some special needs of these people.

(4), to determine the sales strategy: sales strategy is based on product sales method of marketing their own ideas, a good way is the success of the wings, can often play a multiplier effect. Here are two ideas for your reference: A. determine who to sell; B. determine how to sell.

2, occupy the price advantage, increase sales:

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