The types of headphones and how to buy headphones

headphones are often bad, want to buy a good, but I do not know what the classification of the headset in the end, how to choose? Here are some suggestions. Let’s go and have a look!


The classification of

capacitor, also known as electrostatic. The utility model has the advantages of wide frequency band and good sound quality, but the structure is very complex, which makes the manufacture difficult.

according to shape can be divided into open and semi open and closed type:

closed suggests that the headset headset is completely closed up to the ears through its own ear pads. The headset is larger, mainly in the use of large noise environment.

semi open headset, it is a combination of a new headset closed and open two headset advantages, it adopts the structure of the diaphragm, in addition to an active active diaphragm, there are a number of passive vibration from the film. It has the characteristics of low frequency plump soft, high frequency, bright and natural, clear and so on. It has been widely used in the higher grade headphones.

two frequency headset two frequency headset is based on a semi open headset on the set of electric and capacitance both advantages of two division of the new generation of headset. The utility model integrates the advantages of an electric type, a capacitance type, a closed type and an open type four earphone

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