Yang Chunrong not to go to the flower shop

we live in the house is comfortable after a lot of procedure before our eyes, the beginning of the house is building designers to design the next construction designer, is also a very popular industry, but today this beautiful designer said but give up such work, their own to open a flower shop, what kind of situation, then go!

architectural design director "upgrade" for the boss

Yang Chunrong high school to study painting, do not have the opportunity to contact the architectural design, until the entrance exam class, class a central United States Department of architectural design graduate teachers. "He gave me a collection of works by Wright, a famous architect, when I copied all the works and found the infinite interest in architectural design." Since then, she will set their own direction in the architectural design, and finally admitted to the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the Department of architectural design.

after graduation, Yang Chunrong successfully entered a design firm, has accumulated 6 years of experience, from a small staff to boil the design director, but finally chose to resign. In July 2014 she founded an architectural design company. In the past has done the design director, it is difficult to break through." Yang Chunrong spoke lightly of her entrepreneurial intention.

due to the accumulated experience in the construction industry for many years, out of the hands of a lot of good projects, although the company opened more than a year ago, Yang Chunrong on the hands of a large number of commercial projects there are several. But in her heart has always been a regret, was prepared to take a piece of 2000 square meters of ancient architecture as a venue, the creation of a collection of cultural and creative places, but ultimately because of various objective reasons did not achieve.

"I’m a special person." She will provide customers with the design of the program will also provide some of the relevant business operations, investment advice. Relying on this style of doing things, many of its developers have finally become a good friend.

to create a high style flower shop in Jiangcheng

Yang Chunrong love flowers, love flowers usually back their collocation. "Especially the kind of tricky varieties, to shop to buy, and go to the supermarket to buy imported cost is too high, even in the online air import varieties." Yang Chunrong said with a smile. Want to open the idea of flower shop unknowingly took root.

2015 years in November, she was looking for a good facade near Han street, invested nearly 300 thousand yuan, a month without a stop to work, the store is officially operating trial. In order to better account for the design company, this time she invited two other years of experience to join the architectural designer.

this flower shop main private custom, in addition to the fixed bouquet, guests can according to the daily flower material supply, combined with their own preferences to recommend

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