What’s the best start to earn money women know the women

in fact, we all know that the investment in women’s market, until the death of a very hot market. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, what women earn money best? Of course, entrepreneurship to understand women’s hearts, is the most important!

recently, the main female consumer psychology projects in the entrepreneurial market concern. This is the same with women’s social status, economic strength and women are more active, easy to be affected by rumors and increase the market purchasing power is inseparable.


seize the female psychology is the entrepreneurial success of this understanding is growing in popularity, and the coffee shop is regarded as a representative of female psychological strategy project, and once dominated the entrepreneurial market, as one of the most high-profile business prospects of the project, the shop surge triggered revenue crisis.

since then, entrepreneurs adjust the direction, change from simple to complex Cafe Cafe project type, the gradual emergence of composite bars, bakeries, dessert, or even complex features such as barbecue shop stores, through word-of-mouth, continued to attract female customers to patronize.

experts mentioned that the coffee shop style compound shop that is simple and easy to decorate, it is still far from enough, but also need to taste and quality verification.

analysis shows that the perfect decorative atmosphere is basic factor to attract female customers attention, but not on the visual appeal and go on forever, the first visit of the female customers can visit again, ultimately depends on the quality and taste of.

entrepreneurs need to avoid the store location:

1, there is a similar industry around the building

2, rent compared with the market price is too low or no management fees

3, the complex chaos do large building advertising and Shoufang and application specific shops

4, often change the owner had to shop

5, there is no place around the hotel

6, often held in place

7, the first entrepreneurs should pay attention to avoid new cities and new buildings

8, the same industry has been the presence of large stores, but also want to open a small shop

9, opposite the shop no building

10, shopping district beyond the blind expansion of the necessary local

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