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green healthy drink, always very attractive. Entrepreneurship choose to join green juice and other green drinks, it is a very good choice. Open a healthy green drinks, no doubt, is a very wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

health function into industry trends

Chinese Quality Association recently released the results of satisfaction survey in 2016 showed that the beverage industry, the concept of health is the health concept popular in recent years, consumers for high calorie drinks containing high sugar, preference continued to decline, health and personality, function is the mainstream consumer demand in the future.

health and composition among the top two consumers focus on

in order to adapt to the increasingly strong consumer demand for health, health care will be more abundant connotation of the future development trend of the soft drinks industry. In this trend, the decline of carbonated drinks will be inevitable, and in line with the health characteristics of green juice, protein drinks, fruit juices and other varieties have greater market potential can be dug.

profit is how to get rid of the plight of water transport

soft drinks industry is one of the fastest growing industries in our country, 2003-2012 ten years, the total output of the domestic soft drink industry from 0.24 tons of growth to 1.30 tons, ten years production scale increased by 4.5 times, the compound growth rate of 20.8%. Industry growth rate is much higher than the same period last year, the domestic GDP growth, by 2015, the total output has reached 1.7 tons. 2016 China soft drinks production 183 million 452 thousand tons, an increase of 1.9%.

But most

product circulation process the soft drinks industry is almost in the "water", "water" products lead to low profit, must pursue the mass in order to profit, many enterprises take the production base construction of the regional transportation and form to minimize the cost of sales, while the beverage industry product homogeneity, copycat products really can emerge in an endless stream. A handful of companies own brand. Sales model innovation, product innovation has become a huge opportunity for the industry.

functional health beverage brewing will burst


over the past few years, tea and other beverage brewing hot drinks, tea has been gradually accepted by the market, but with the lack of innovation of tea products, the market also appeared tired. Therefore, the health of brewing drinks, personalized industry will become the next flashpoint. How to make the brewing more interesting, so that brewing more simple to become the research direction of many beverage companies.

now, a healthy market, are very hot market. Green juice, etc.

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