Nanjing many schools to implement school policy – elastic

many students need to send their parents to go to school, but many of the school, the time is very early, so many parents are very helpless. In Nanjing, the implementation of flexible school policy, by the parents’ attention. At present, Nanjing "elastic school leave" for the management of the school, the school is facing a lot of manpower and financial pressure. How to leave the school to do a good job, the reporter conducted a visit.

2:40 in the afternoon, the second grade primary school attached to the Metro South Division South Campus course has ended, Chen Yuxuan and her classmates set farewell in the school hall, set back again by the teacher in the canteen on the first floor "comfort station", and the Nanjing Normal University School of nursing duty teacher student volunteers in the school, opened the book and began to read after class. From time to time there are other grades to participate in the "elastic school" students come, went to the shop on a blue tablecloth table, quietly doing homework or reading.

"before school early, even on the football club is more than 3 p.m.. My mother couldn’t get up so early; dad worked in the company, and sometimes secretly came to pick me up in his flat. But there is no small partner exchanges and no books can see." Chen Yuxuan told reporters, and now his mother to pick him up at 5 o’clock, parents can work at ease, he can live very .

nsfz Xincheng South Campus primary school principals Hou Jundong introduction, the preparatory work has already begun from the winter vacation, the first week of school, where there are difficulties after leaving on time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school by the parents volunteered to submit a written application, approved by the school after school can delay.

the children after school, in the school setting at station can see interesting books, but also can advance the completion of the operation, this not only let the parents at ease, more time can help the parents go to work. Educational institutions are mainly based on public welfare, through cooperation with the school this model, can form a good reputation, which is a win-win situation.

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