Great opportunity to undertake health food restaurants

do catering, not only to have a good taste, but also need to have a good marketing. Selling point is very important. China’s traditional food products as the main product line, although many people know, but do not operate well. Not only a blind spot, but also a selling point. As long as there are good products and good business, you can be popular in the market. Achieved good economic benefits.

1.  the Beijing people have understanding of health food has a certain level, a change in the past the normal food and greasy dishes, choose to start the.

2. health food is more nutritious if we value is introduced with health care, green diet beauty Yishou as one of the words. It is the profit space or people demand space are relatively more according to the future.

3. hosted health restaurant has five features:

1, the mass consumption up; 2, rich nutrition, easy absorption; 3, continuous consumption; 4, young and old; 5, diners can shorten the time of consumption. Should be based on: not only is the flavour, publicity should be the focus of health! Only to eat as a concept already full belly and delicious outdated, its positive significance is to help people improve the quality of life to restore health, relaxed and happy to work, learning. At the same time also can meet people body health the demand, so that consumers get the value and satisfaction from.

2. as to the operating characteristics of the traditional ideas against porridge shop. Should have the courage to abandon the bad products, patient, in the porridge, you only need to design 10 absolute fist Yupin, one of main products. In addition, it is recommended to put more emphasis on the idea of some easy to digest with porridge dishes. It is also possible to prevent the risk of the arrival of the business, even if the variety of porridge really failed, because of other health care of your dishes on the work, the same can make up for the loss of porridge in the dishes.

1.  general consumer focus: children, students, the elderly, pregnant women, patients and healthy people.

2.  the main benefits: nutrition, health, taste good, health care is very Chinese fast food form


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