Hainan Ecological Software Park is the starting point of T talent

science and technology entrepreneurs need to be a good business environment, which can bring more convenience to enhance the quality of entrepreneurship. Hainan Ecological Software Park is the starting point for IT talent, attracting a lot of talent settled.


"drift" IT talents entrepreneurship

disposable paid Laiqiong

in Hainan Ecological Software Park entrepreneurial talent IT Wang Dongkai, before coming to Hainan is a genuine "drift".

"in the" North Canton "first-tier cities, go to work every day to spend hours, here, I can put in my time thinking, leisure and family, work here is an easy thing." Wang Dongkai said that in the Internet technology industry, entrepreneurship settled on the ground is not very large. Ecological park in Hainan, not only did not haze, traffic jams in the big cities, but there are a series of support for the Internet business. At the same time, his entrepreneurial choice of the project is more suitable for Hainan tourism market.

now, although Hainan is not a long time, but Wang Dongkai has quickly organized their own entrepreneurial team, the development of products has also been operating listed, achieved good market effect.

series together "the creation" policy to illuminate the entrepreneurial dream

in Hainan Ecological Software Park, in addition to the convenience of the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade Park, working and living environment, attract more talent such as Wang Dongkai software comes, as well as the province for various preferential policies issued by the park.

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