90 after the passing of the classic story of delicious food

food and beverage market of course happen every day a galaxy of talents, delicacy story is beyond count. Today Xiaobian to introduce to you is a story between 90 after the guy and the food.

Xiamen, Jimei, the source of the road there is a taste of the ancient taste of the snack shop, "a heron acid bamboo shoots", it is a good place to taste the ancient taste of food. After 90 guy heritage of the ancient taste of gourmet snack food restaurant landmark, and the owner of this shop is 90 young man Chen Yulu.

90 guy heritage of the ancient taste of gourmet snack food landmark

venture specializes in traditional food

more than 5 in the morning every day, Chen Yulu get up to buy food for their own shop, has been busy until the evening of 9 before the rest time. Though the task was so heavy, Chen Yulu enjoyed it. He chose a hard road to entrepreneurship, and now the success of his inspiration for the continuation of traditional food to continue efforts.

"among my friends of the same age, fewer people choose to start their own business." Chen Yulu said that he was also determined after thinking about entrepreneurship shop.

Chen Yulu is a native of the big clubs who are interested in the ancient early taste of delicacy, follow the agency’s chef learned a cook. In 2009, Chen Yulu entered Jimei University as a cook.

although the work in the cafeteria is very stable, but Chen Yulu did not stop. In 2015, after accumulating enough experience, Chen Yulu resolutely left the cafeteria of Jimei University, began a difficult road to entrepreneurship. "I want to preserve the traditional taste of Jimei." Chen Yulu’s ideal is very simple.

snack bar to become a gourmet landmark

2015 in March, Chen Yulu and friends together to open a joint venture in the area of acid bamboo shoots. After several months of operation, Chen Yu Heron decided to open their own independent snack bar.

2015 August, Chen Yu Heron’s new store opened in the source road. Before the opening, Chen Yu Heron every day to go to the island, Tongan, more famous acid noodle shop, learn from their practice, the development of the characteristics of the acid with Jimei face.

although Chen Yulu prepared very full, but the road is not smooth sailing. "In the first three months of the opening, every day is at a loss." Chen Yulu recalled the hardships of the past, sigh. In the face of a bad business, Chen Yulu also suspected of their own. The first three months, the monthly loss of more than $10 thousand." Chen Yulu said, but I still want more people to eat these ancient taste of food.

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