Guangdong public to raise small and micro entrepreneurship project blood

in today’s society, Small and micro businesses are very common, at the same time, countries in order to further promote economic restructuring, solve some social problems of employment, to encourage social Small and micro businesses, and received very good results.

"learning tree" founder Sun Gongchen raised by the public platform to get financing, solve the enterprise start funding difficulties, and they also pay a considerable proportion of the equity. In his view, the congregation raised on the market is an important supplement to the few financing channels.

in July this year, the Guangdong provincial finance office issued "to carry out the Internet to raise public equity in Guangdong Province pilot work plan", which shows the Guangdong for the cultivation of the public to raise equity to the plan by the end of 2015 the formation of the Internet platform to raise public equity reached 50, net innovation project 5000, the successful financing of 400 projects, completed the financing amount of 500 million yuan.

in financing view, new technology invention and innovation bottleneck is the capital, and technological inventions, technological innovation and entrepreneurship is a high risk investment, the traditional mode of financing is not willing to take the risk. Raise public financing model can be a good source of funding to expand, diversify investment risks, a lot of help for small and micro enterprises, and with the further development of entrepreneurship and innovation, the congregation raised the model space worth looking forward to.

project financing is generally small

in his creative "creative DreamWorks", there are two main contents, one is the content of creative innovation on the Internet, including websites, APP, Internet content is to creative innovation market. "Including its language expression, the original material, the core material, just like the recent" Knight island "fire, it is actually the content innovation, the context style innovation." The other is the industrial innovation, such as the general environmental APP or big health APP, with the market, with culture, art is not much contact, that is, consumer, industrial Internet projects.

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