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chicken has been meat we are love, and a white chicken said, which is beneficial for our health but also eat and not endanger the health of that, while in the catering industry, there are a lot of chicken themed food items, such as braised chicken rice, fast food. Of course, we have a large chicken, today we will introduce you to the special features of this brand.

DaPanJi joined the chain list: blood, chicken stew, Xinjiang restaurant, Xinjiang Xia Li Sha Hu Wang Dapan taste chicken, braised chicken, chicken.

wolf market…

chicken chain to join the list of [blood bank chicken]

blood bank chicken belonging to the territory of Urumqi Wang catering management limited liability company. The company set catering planning and consulting, corporate image planning, marketing planning, catering management planning, brand management and technical extension services as one of the diversified company.

"blood chicken market" originated in 1994, after 20 years of development and accumulation, now has Urumqi city blood bank headquarters, North Street, Changchun Arts Park Road, Nanshan shop, four stores. Blood market chicken has now developed a secret system seasoning package, to achieve the development of Chinese food can be copied standardized operating procedures, without the chef, everyone can operate.

blood Panji products for its rich Zanxiang, juicy, tender and refreshing characteristics meets the taste. The product range covers the Xinjiang traditional blue series: three yellow chicken, spicy chicken, spicy lamb, stir and Hu morel and Xinjiang Hui; characteristics of delicacy balls, yellow sauce Gaza barbecue, fried meat Nang Ding and reputation and sales are very good gift series.

adhere to the "focus on food research and development, leveraging franchise" concept of development and a strong R & D team, is committed to exploring delicious, not only to retain the taste of Xinjiang, but also to meet the public taste of the mainland.

chicken chain to join the list of stores [Lai Li Li Xinjiang restaurant]

Shanghai Li Li Li Li Industrial Co., Ltd., in 2001 began to develop in Xinjiang based on Shanghai cuisine, brand "Li Xia Li," the Uighur means "Earth" – our common home.

The development and transfer of

, Xiali brand catering for many years dedicated to Western delicacy culture, was founded in 2001 for mass consumption, Xia Li Xinjiang style restaurant in Shanghai, strict control of food raw materials, from manufacturers and ensure authentic halal fresh air to Shanghai, become an independent school in Shanghai halal food brand, by connoisseurs welcome, and a government designated halal food brand. In 2010, Xia Li "ten years grinding sword" are introduced to meet the health.

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