Good read Sony name is how to take notes

may be due to the impact of the environment, perhaps because many people have been in the hearts of such a dream, in short, rather than working for others, it is better to start their own business. The start-up business is a long process, need to have a good plan. Consider from the shop early, then the values and the choice of shops. A name is particularly important in the whole process of the shop.

now "Sony" can be described as familiar to everyone. The birth of a good name is not easy.

Akio Morita in order to be able to take a name for his company painstakingly. At first, he was also the same as most of the businessmen to take a simple name for his company, Tokyo communications industry company". But it is not the name of the foreigners, and often do not feel good about doing business with them. How to get a good name to the company and became a headache Akio Morita problem.

he opened several meetings to discuss the company’s name, but also a lot of books on their own information. After several twists and turns, he felt "sonas" just in line with their own requirements, read a sense of rhythm, but more importantly, it is similar to the Japanese business, the nature of the company can be well reflected. At that time, the word "Sonny" was very popular in Japan, which means "cute boy". Akio Morita thought it was the same as the image of their company.

then he decided not to use the word "sonas" instead of "Sonny". As a global big business, "Sonny" Rome Pinyin just and Japan "loss" pronunciation is similar, it makes Akio Morita feel embarrassed. After careful consideration, he decided to remove the second "n", become now known as "Sony"".

it is clear that the name has been very successful, "Sony", whether it is in writing, or on the pronunciation of consumers have a good impression.

business revelation: choose a good name

1, a good business name. Mr Fujita Da, the founder of the Japanese Society of McDonald’s, said: "get a good name for your business.". Big companies are so attached to the name, it is important to take a good name. Shop for entrepreneurs who have to be cautious. Wine is not afraid of deep alley era has passed, the speed of their stores to spread out the information is particularly important.

good luck, many entrepreneurs believe that. This does not belong to the individual’s subjective consciousness, but it is actually able to stimulate the consumer’s desire to buy. Although there are some people who think that the name >

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