After 80 entrepreneurial talents become the automotive supplies industry Duozhu wealth

has a big goal is a good thing, but at a young age can achieve their goals that is a sense of accomplishment. The status of a 80 young people by virtue of their vision and look amazing in Entrepreneurship in the automotive supplies industry overlord of wealth.

2010 in October, is located in Hubei province Wuhan City Qiaokou Changfeng Avenue, an area of 35 acres of central China’s largest auto supplies Trade City will rise. Take charge of the large-scale commercial city boss is not an old traveller but Rongma Tianya, a 25 year old 80 entrepreneurial talent — Renhua leaves.

leaf Renhua 25, Guangdong, Zengcheng, Wuhan Yi Liuzhou Automobile Accessories Co. Ltd. chairman.


2004, Renhua leaves college graduate. He was independent, choose to open a stationery shop in front of the school. Born in the family business Ye Renhua showed a good business days, a small stationery store business day by day. Half a year later, Renhua leaves can not stand the father urged to inherit the family business, in his father’s car shop works as a coolie, goods, open the list, is his daily work.

2008 years, with five or six brands into the market competition, the father of the store sales fell as high as 40%. Ye Renhua began to run the market, in the coming season before October, November, Renhua leaves can endure hardship, traveled to the more than and 800 car shop in the province.

Qiaokou District of Wuhan city

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