Five ways to get you started in 2012

now there are a lot of people want to get their own wealth through their own efforts. So many people choose to go to the road to get rich. However, the process of entrepreneurship is full of all kinds of dangers, how to make investors in the business easier to succeed? Entrepreneurial success to remember the five methods.

business model

this business model is a business mode of the most traditional, in 70s and 80s or even 80s and 90s many entrepreneurs are starting this model and build up the family fortunes.

The advantages of this business model is

, entrepreneurs from small to large, step by step through the solid, rich experience, strong technology. The disadvantage is that such a business model must take a long detour, experienced numerous setbacks and failures. So we have to pay more for tuition, suffer more loneliness, suffer more misunderstandings, and even give up again and again in frustration and failure. Especially in today’s society in the rapid pace of economic development, is one of the worst.

, entrepreneurs in the workplace, in future personal business for the purpose of work.

this mode is the first step for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and to choose their own entrepreneurial direction, and even the precise positioning to do their own future entrepreneurial projects, and then focus on the precise positioning of their entrepreneurial projects for the job. It should be noted that entrepreneurs should try to choose the region has the advantages of the scale of the industry to do, each region and the city’s economic resources are not the same. If it is not to choose the unique local resources, the largest industry to do, the final business is not done >

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