Create three create ron Triangle sharing reform and development cake

the current business environment is getting better and better, so many entrepreneurs are the beneficiary management policy, 2016 double policy continues to increase, business is the time. Volkswagen entrepreneurship innovation, sharing reform and development cake.

to create "three hit" the "iron triangle"

to create a good eco innovation and entrepreneurship, the formation of the "double" habitat, "roots" and "elite" to unleash the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, let startups grow fast. Encourage more capital into the real economy, explore the development of public equity raise, improve multi-level capital market, to create entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital iron triangle to achieve the three hit linkage.

development of financial risk prevention

focus on Entrepreneurial Ability Cultivation

to explore the diversity of entrepreneurship education

universities to explore the diversified and multi-level entrepreneurship education practice mode. On the one hand, set up for all the students of general type of entrepreneurship education, improve their entrepreneurial awareness and ability; on the other hand, according to the conditions and thoughts of the students, the experimental class or organized entrepreneurship training camp, promote entrepreneurial projects to society. To realize the effective combination of individual needs and educational supply and improve the quality of entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities.   intellectual property to promote the dream set sail

2015 in September, the State Intellectual Property Office, the Ministry of Finance and other five ministries issued "on Further Strengthening the use and protection of intellectual property rights boost innovation and entrepreneurship", to give full play to the important role of intellectual property rights to promote innovation, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of innovative entrepreneurs to make a comprehensive plan, let thousands on thousands of innovative entrepreneurs a dream come true.


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