Excellent location to have which of the three conditions


is now a lot of people to pay a lot of efforts, choose a suitable location however, choose whether the location is excellent, in fact there are still some reference conditions. From the current investment market, if it is truly excellent location, also need to meet three conditions. So, excellent location to have what three requirements?

1, more than ten years of continuous operating power

store location is a long-term investment, which is related to the future of business development. When the environment changes, other operating factors can be adjusted, in order to adapt to changes in the external environment, and it is confirmed it is difficult to change. Therefore, enterprises must have a vision of development, not only to study the status quo, but also to correctly predict the future. Because the location of the site where the situation is changing: the traffic conditions are improving, the competition is more and more intense, the environment is changing and developing.

for an enterprise, the new site should be selected with commercial development potential. The competitive advantage in the region, after a certain period of time are profitable in to ensure. For example, Japan Daiei chain group company by virtue of its advantages, the purchase of 3 months after the payment of the time difference, the rapid adjustment of the chain store sales, in the non commercial center to buy low land premium, the construction of commercial facilities and other real estate, until the business development, land price increases. Sell real estate price, commercial facilities as a network of the company of chain supermarket.

2, the scale of the target customer base exists

any supermarket should meet the needs of customers as its purpose. Each network should have a certain size of the target customers, which is to ensure that their business reached a certain size of the important conditions. General supermarket business is mainly daily necessities, consumer shopping by walking distance constraints, consumers are unlikely to run for a long time for some daily necessities.

are unlikely to like big department stores or professional large household appliances store that has a relatively wide flow of customer groups, can only rely mainly on a certain scale of the target consumer groups in the service, to obtain more stable sales revenue. Therefore, the ability to have a certain size of the target customers is one of the important factors to be considered in the selection of supermarket shops.

but for any shop, its target customers are often changed. Municipal planning, traffic changes can lead to an increase or decrease in the customer base, which has become an important basis for predicting future customer base. For example, the municipal planning in the construction of a residential area, the residents of the district at the beginning of the establishment of residents less, with the residents living facilities and other facilities for the continuous improvement and development of the residents

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