Create entrepreneurship Tianfu introduction of innovative entrepreneurial talent

entrepreneurship can not be separated from the talent, the current variety of college students entrepreneurship training program, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship support program, etc., are to train or introduce suitable talent. Who can get more entrepreneurial talent, who may take the initiative in the entrepreneurial market.

two to strengthen co-ordination. To further integrate the work of human resources, pooling talent policy resources, the establishment of the most convenient mechanism for personnel services, lay a good combination of talent work". To focus on the relevant provisions of the "policy", and consider the district (city) county and municipal departments have issued the relevant personnel policy as soon as possible to develop implementation rules, operation method and other related documents, to ensure that the city’s "a game of chess".

three to do the propaganda work. To increase publicity efforts, with the help of various types of media propaganda campaign to expand the awareness of the city’s personnel policy, the full release of Chengdu select the world of excellence and use of the strong signal.

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