Glasses to join a few major pitfalls of entrepreneurship

eye industry and the rapid development of the huge business opportunities and wealth, which attracted the attention of many investors. Many people want to join the venture through the glasses to get rich, it can borrow the advantage of the brand can be easy to create their own careers, but the most important thing is to choose to join the brand glasses project. Choose the right glasses to join the brand, investors need to pay attention to the following errors.

now the Internet is so developed, all the members of the brand from a variety of angles on the network will be a thorough search of the clear, there is strength, regular, the Internet will have news. The size of the company, year, model, influence, advantages, disadvantages and comments, objective and comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the analysis is clear, don’t expect 100% of all good, nor listen to the words of blind decision. Because of the need for multi angle analysis.

glasses to join a venture trap: instant success

franchisee: what the project is high income, fast return, to make money fast.

flicker: join us, earn three hundred thousand monthly, the month can be returned to this. Annual rate of return as much as!

a month later……

franchisee: Wang manager, manager Wang you dial the phone temporarily unable to connect.

flicker: traced to the company to report illegal fund-raising.

reminder: beware of the temptation of interest, all out of the usual returns are deceptive, if so good to make money, they do not get rich first.

glasses for entrepreneurs to join the trap two: can not lose

join: do not lose money, can you guarantee can not lose money?

: fooled join us, believe me, the big company, ensure not lose.

a year later……

franchisee: Manager Wang, no business, inventory backlog, the money did not see, you had promised? (anger)

: I’m sorry, I’m leaving, looking for our boss, the boss told us to say.

Alert: beware of the temptation, the business is the need for careful management, commitment can not lose business, need to be cautious.

glasses join venture trap three: very low investment

franchisee: don’t want to invest a lot of money

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